Everything we do is built around service

From the custom design of your break room refreshment program to the employees
regularly restocking equipment, we are committed to unbeatable service.

The latest equipment

From Energy Star-rated vending machines to brew-by-the-cup coffee makers we elevate the break room experience.

Multiple ways
to pay

No more cash only machines. Our advanced payment system lets equipment accept credit/debit cards and mobile apps.

Single source for service

Whether you need vending machines, micro-markets, or office coffee products, we offer them all in one convenient place.

Specially customized solutions

All Tampa companies are unique, so we tailor each solution to the needs of our customers, including adding healthy products.

Create a mini store in your Tampa break room that delivers hundreds of choices

Our micro-market program brings more snacks, drinks, and food items to the Tampa workplace with reach-in shelves and glass-front coolers. Employees shop the micro-market and buy what they want at the secure self-checkout kiosk.

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No more boring office coffee service

We bring unique brewing solutions and coffees to the Tampa area that will set your company apart and increase employee happiness. We carry sustainable products and a variety of Fair Trade coffees so you can do good with every cup.

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Vending machines and office coffee service in Tampa

24-hour snack and drink convenience at the touch of a button

The latest vending machines have never been more convenient or advanced. Cashless payment systems take credit cards and mobile apps and guaranteed product delivery sensors ensure a product is dispensed or refunds the money.

Elevate your vending experience

Highlight your dedication to wellness with healthy choices in the break room including fresh food, nutritious snacks, and better-for-you beverages.

Step up your break room experience with a call to the Tampa area experts – Millennium Refreshment Services at 813-882-4300 or info@millenniumrefreshmentservices.com.

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