Create a meeting place

Adding sponsored food and drinks to the break room creates an area where employees will congregate.

Get a custom partnership

By working with you on budget, service schedule, and more we can create the ideal pantry service solution.

Build your pantry

Tailor pantry service to what you need, including single-serve snacks, healthy alternatives, or entrees.

Show employee appreciation

Make sure employees know you care about them by offering them free food and drinks in the break room.

Grab and go convenience onsite

Pantry service makes it easy for employees to grab a quick snack, meal, or drink and get back to work.

Pantry service is a powerful benefit in the Tampa area. By offering employees free food and drinks at the company location, it helps businesses stand apart from the competition. It also drives up company morale and encourages employees to be happier, collaborate with each other, and be more productive. Using an expert service provider such as Millennium Refreshment Services makes pantry service a hassle-free experience from finding products to handling restocking without adding additional personnel to your workforce. It’s a win-win.

Explore pantry options

A break room experience that surpasses expectation

Let us help you build a company kitchen that impresses employees with great tasting snacks and drinks
in customized displays supported with reliable restocking service.

Upgrade the break room experience at your Tampa location with pantry service from Millennium Refreshment Services at 813-882-4300;

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