Vending machines in Tampa

Remote monitoring

Get vending machines that provide regular updates on sales, product levels, and status, all wirelessly.

Tampa vending machines

Dependable solution

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having reliable equipment and our top-notch service.

Vending machines in Tampa

Advanced payments

Never be without correct change again thanks to mobile payment and credit card enabled vending.

Tampa vending machines for businesses

Trusted brands

Select a custom mix of products for the vending machine from the nation’s well-known names in snacks and drinks.

Customer Service 24/7 - we have an app for that!

mobile app

Reshape the break room with better vending

The proper vending machines with the latest technology can transform your space into an employee benefit.

Impress employees and customers with the latest vending machines in your break room. Contact Millennium Refreshment Services at 813-882-4300;

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