vending machines and water filtration service in ClearwaterA Wide Range of Vending Machines for Clearwater

If you do business in Clearwater, then Millennium Refreshment Services is the company to see about vending machines. We have the variety of vending machines to satisfy any customer, from snack and soda vending machines to coffee and cold food vending machines. We believe in providing vending machines offering the latest in convenience features, such as cashless payment – letting people pay for items with a card or mobile device. Also, ask about our ability to remotely monitor your inventory. We can know what’s in your vending machines before leaving our facilities. This keeps costs low since we can be more efficient, while also keeping your people happier with their Clearwater vending service.

Coffee and Water Filtration Excellence for Clearwater

Get that higher quality coffee that your Clearwater employees deserve with an office coffee program from Millennium Refreshment Services. We work with you to determine the best brewing machine to handle your office coffee needs – whether it’s traditional by-the-pot brewers or those that brew by the cup. We’ll set up the system in your Clearwater office and supply the many popular hot beverages to match (coffees, teas and more). We’re also willing to manage your break room supplies. Need stir sticks, cups, napkins, sweeteners or creamers on a regular basis? We’ll restock during our regular visits.

Water can be an issue in most Clearwater offices. The typical reaction is to order a water delivery service but check with Millennium Refreshment Services first about our water filtration units. These filters, available in floor standing and counter top units, simply plumb into the water supply and remove the impurities causing the problem in the first place. Hot or cold – better tasting water is available with a simple turn of a spigot.

office coffee and micro markets in ClearwaterClearwater’s Experts in Micro-Markets

A Micro-Market added to your Clearwater office is the ultimate way to give employees what they need to get through the day while helping to ensure more productivity. Millennium Refreshment Services builds a small convenience store right in your Clearwater office, complete with attractive displays, coolers and racks. Built with an integrated self-checkout kiosk – and filled to the gills with snacks, beverages and entrée items – customers can simply walk in, grab the products they want and then take care of the transaction themselves. It’s the ultimate in convenience. Security cameras let you be confidence in leaving the store open and accessible all hours of the day.

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